The strategic goal of Prime Minerals S.A. is to build a capital group to manage the assets within the mining and processing of natural raw materials.


The company intends to implement its strategy by:

  1. Searching for attractive concessions for the exploration of deposits
  2. Performing of comprehensive study of resources within these concessions and the development of a feasibility study
  3. Acquisitions of entities which possess valuable concessions
  4. Conducting mining projects which indicate the greatest potential
  5. Construction of mineral processing facilities

The key principles which will guide the company to successfull implementation of the strategy are:

  1. Cooperation with local entities in order to minimize the risk
  2. Implementation of projects supported by local communities which have or may have an impact on the project
  3. Conducting projects in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, respecting local laws and customs
  4. Creating of platform for cooperation with the new business partners
  5. Project management based on experienced management staff