The Supervisory Board of Prime Minerals S.A. consists of five members and includes the following persons:

  • Mr. Paweł Jarski – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Mr. Krzysztof Szymański – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Mr. Marek Piosik – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Mr. Krzysztof Majcher – Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Mr. Rafał Szalc – Member of the Supervisory Board


Paweł Jarski – Supervisory Board Chairperson

Paweł Jarski graduated from Kozminski University, his speciality being IT in Management and Human Resource Management. He is also a scholarship holder of Helsinki School of Economics (Finland) and Jonkoping Business School (Switzerland) where he studied business management related fields.

Between 2001 and 2003, Mr. Paweł Jarski conducted his business activity consisting in providing IT services to companies and simultaneously worked as a project manager in several companies with foreign capital.

Between 2004 and 2010, as a co-owner and the Management Board President, he managed SYNERGIS Sp. z o.o. company, which in its third year of operations in Poland became the leader in the waste electrical and electronic equipment collection and treatment market and a major company in the non-ferrous metals trading and recycling market. Moreover, between 2008 and 2010, as the management board president, he managed SYNERGIS Electrorecycling SA and Electro-System SA, until the companies were sold to a sector investor. In 2010, after selling SYNERGIS Sp. z o.o. to another sector investor, Mr. Jarski performed a function of a Managing Director at Tesla Recycling SA, whose core business was recycling and management of rare metals. He worked at Tesla Recycling SA until March 2011, when he took up the post of the Management Board President at Elemental Holding SA. Elemental Holding SA is now the owner of Tesla Recycling SA.

In the fourth quarter of 2011, as the Management Board President of Elemental Holding SA, he took over SYNTOM SA with its seat in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, thus creating one of the biggest entities dealing with trade and recycling of non-ferrous metals in Poland. In 2012, he successfully introduced Elemental Holding Company on the New Connect market, and in 2013 the company’s quotations were transferred to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The funds raised from the issue financed the acquisition of Terra Recycling SA – the leader in the processing of waste electrical and electronic equipment on the Polish market.

In 2014 – 2016, as the President of Elemental Holding S.A. Management Board, he completed acquisitions of the following companies

  • foreign ones:
    • EMP Lithuania (51%),
    • Metal Holding Slovakia (67%),
    • Evciler Turkey (51%),
    • Kat Metal Finland (51%)
    • All Waste Trading UK (51%)

and Polish ones – PGMG (51%), changing Elemental Holding S.A. into one of the leading entities on the metal and electronics recycling market in Europe.

In 2015, he became a laureate of Parkiet magazine award for ten best young managers of companies listed at the Stock Exchange (Młode Wilki Giełdy). In 2015 edition of WIG80-group company presidents’ ranking of Business Harvard Review, he won 7th place.

Paweł Jarski is a Supervisory Board member of UAB EMP Recycling.

On 17 December 2016, he was elected President of the Polish Triathlon Federation. On 7 February he was elected Member of the Polish Olympis Committee Executive Board – from the list of Polish Olympic Sport Federations.

Krzysztof Szymański  – Member of the Supervisory Board

Krzysztof Szymański is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and the Department of State Administration and Foreign Services at the PWSBiA in Warsaw. He completed doctoral studies at the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw and Postgraduate Public Relations Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. For 18 years he has been involved in public relations, specializing in managing social conflict and mediation. Author and coordinator of implementation of procedures and principles of internal communication and crisis communication, as well as procedures in the field of organization management of the organization, both towards the social and media environment.

In the years 2002-2006 he was a member of the College of the Management Board of P.P. “Porty Lotnicze”, managing the Public Relations Office responsible for the management of the image of the PPL entities, including the Chopin Airport in Warsaw and the Air Traffic Agency. Since 2006, he has been advising companies whose operations have a significant impact on the environment (line investments, processing plants, etc.) in terms of managing their image and communication with local communities. In 2012-2014, he coordinated the communication process of the Elemental Holding debut on the New Connect market and then the issuance of the company’s first public offering as part of the transition to the regulated market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. At the same time, in 2010, he returned to the structures of PPL as the main specialist in crisis communication, from where he moved to the Warsaw Polytechnic in 2014 as a spokesperson. From 2015, he has been associated with the Investment Promotion Agency as a spokesperson, chief specialist in social communication and social mediator.

Member of the Elemental Holding Supervisory Board in 2015-2019.

Marek Piosik – Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Marek Piosik is a graduate of the Poznań University of Technology at the Faculty of Machines and Transport (2003-2008) and the Poznań University of Economics at the Faculty of Economics (2004-2010). He also completed postgraduate studies of Mechanisms of the Euro Area (2011) at the Poznań University of Economics at the Faculty of Economics (2011) and numerous training courses on management and negotiation.

His professional career was linked with the IT industry, logistics and e-business. He gained his foreign experience in logistics at BMW AG and Gate Gourmet GmbH. As a consultant he implemented the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics – InCaDeA in the automotive industry company It.Integro Sp. z o.o. which is a Microsoft Gold Partner. In 2009 he joined the Eurocash Group where as project manager he implemented many projects in various group companies within logistics, IT (SAP) and CRM. Since 2011 he is an investor and also the President of the Management Board of S.A. which specializes in designing process innovations that integrate Internet, courier service and trade industry partners operating in cooperation sectors. As a postal operator the company also implements a new and additional service for national trade networks. Mr. Marek Piosik is a member of the Grawiton S.A. Supervisory Board since 2013.


Krzysztof Majcher – Member of the Supervisory Board

A graduate of the Technical University in Radom in the faculty of transportation and from the beginning of his career associated with PKP Energetyka Zakład Mazowiecki. In a managerial position since 2000. He is responsible for the oversight and rebuilding of railway traction lines, rebuilding of high-voltage lines and replacement of tram constructions in Warsaw.

At present, there are no other links between the members of the Supervisory Board and the Shareholder of shares representing not less than 5% of the total number of votes at the Company’s General Meeting other than those mentioned above.