Paweł Lis – President of the Management Board

Graduated from the Faculty of Geology of the University of Warsaw, majoring in Stratigraphic and Exploratory Geology. Received grants from the University of Warsaw and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ (AAPG) Foundation.

In 2005, started to work at the position of specialist at the Polish Geological Institute, in 2006, began research work. In 2007-2012, completed courses in Poland, USA, Norway, Italy, and United Kingdom, improving the tools required for exploration, resource evaluation, and mineral extraction feasibility studies. Since 2009, associated mainly with hydrocarbon projects, carried out projects for about a dozen of various entities from the oil and gas sector, including the largest corporations from North America. During his research career, collaborated with research and scientific units, including the US Geological Survey, the University of Texas at Austin, the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the Polish Academy of Sciences, and AGH University of Science and Technology. In 2009-2012, carried out and coordinated a project concerning hydrocarbons originating from unconventional deposits for the ExxonMobil Company. In 2013, provided expert services for the Polish Ministry of the Environment. In 2012-2014, as a country manager, managed the operations of the Polski Potas Company in Poland, which was the first corporation to obtain a concession for the exploration for potassium-magnesium salts. In 2011-2015, discharged the functions of the Chairman of scientific sessions, member of the Scientific Committee and expert at several dozens of Polish and international conferences.

Author of several dozens of research publications and commercial studies. In 2006-2015, read dozens of papers and presentations on mining projects.

Since 2012, conducts his own business, coordinating and contributing to projects in the areas of exploration and evaluation of mineral resources.


Marcin Kozak – Management Board Member

In 2003 Mr. Marcin Kozak completed the Warsaw School of Economics in the faculty of International Economics and Political Relations. He also completed the course of Russian business language at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow and a one year postgraduate course “Law for Managers in practice” at the Kozminski University in Warsaw.
During his professional career he worked in automotive, financial, utility and recycling industries as a sales department employee, manager of the export department and regional manager for the countries of the former Soviet Union. Between 2009 and 2013 he served as the President of the Management Board at SYNTOM S.A. where he holds the position of proxy since January 2014. The company is the leader on the Polish market for wholesale trading of non-ferrous metal waste. He also held the position of the President of the Management Board of Tesla Recycling S.A. between November 2011 and January 2013. The company is one of the leading companies in the recycling of printed circuit boards and non-ferrous metals.